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This is the popular Skull Afghan pattern for sale on the Ravelry store.  Percy enjoyed this photo shoot. lol

This is the popular Skull Afghan pattern for sale on the Ravelry store. Percy enjoyed this photo shoot. lol

Welcome to my blog.  This is where I put my free crochet patterns, photos of my pets, and so forth.  I’m a Ravelry crochet designer with several published patterns. Click the Crochet link above for patterns and info on my latest designs.

I’m interested in:  textile crafts, parrots, pets, soap making, gardening, aquaponics, online gaming, DIY home projects, photography for fun, recycling/upcycling crafts.  I’m also enjoy making purses, casual shoes and jewelry using various craft techniques.  Enjoy the blog!

ChelseaCraft Crochet Patterns Available on Ravelry at this link:

ChelseaCraft Designs on Ravelry

Worsted weight yarn is used to make this semi 3D textured afghan with rows of skulls

Worsted weight yarn is used to make this semi 3D textured afghan with rows of skulls

 NOTE (03-09-2017) – Rows 7 & 13 had an error so I have revised the pattern and published it to my Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy stores.  In case you didn’t get the errata version, here is the tip to resolve the error.  Where it says to skip 3 sc, skip sl, skip 3 sc, change the 3 to a 2 so it reads  “SKIP TWO SC, SKIP THE SL ST, SKIP TWO SC”. Sorry about that and many thanks to Joanie for point this out to me.


12 thoughts on “ChelseaCraft Blog

  1. Keep being you. I think you are the same person who leaves some good comments on yahoo stories. I was just wondering what you did, to keep sane in this crazy world. Follow your bliss! A great instrumental. song by the B-52’s, I am artsy myself. I made potholders for Christmas this year, like I did when I was a kid. Good times.

  2. Hi Chelsea. I’m making your hexagon slippers and can’t figure out the sole. If you could help me out with it would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    • There is no separate sole piece. The hexagons make the sole. Just follow the diagram for sewing the hexagons together. Four hexagons make one whole slipper. You can send me messages on or messages if you need more help. Thanks!

    • Thanks for pointing out this error in the pattern Joanie. I’ve made a revision & will be posting it on all my store sites, as well as noting it in the description text. I have sent you a copy of the revised pattern via email. I really appreciate your help with this! Hope you enjoy the pattern.

  3. Hi Chelsea, I purchased the Skulls in a Row pattern and can’t believe the issue I am having with it. It’s got to be me, but, this is what’s happening. I have made the multiples by 8 plus 2 and I just can’t seem to get it right. I have frogged it three times and this last time I have ended up with one extra eye. I have tried to very carefully get the correct amount of chains but it evades me. Geez, help!! lol

    • Hey Liz… Just trust the pattern. The pattern is “offset” or what some call “tiled” so that you will not end with a full skull on every row. The edge will be straight if you follow the pattern faithfully. I know just what you mean though. As a crocheter it’s is not intuitive to end in the middle of repeated pattern sets. When finished your blanket will look as though you cropped out a square section of a never ending wall of skulls so some of them will only be partial on the edges… like a photo. I hope this helps you. Just trust in the pattern and make a small swatch first. It makes a nice potholder if you put a plain single crochet square behind it so it’s double layered. That way your swatch test isn’t a waste of time. I still have my first swatch potholder in my kitchen. It’s so much easier to get the hang of the skulls pattern on a potholder sized square than to dive into an afghan or blanket right off the bat. While the pattern is amazingly easy… the row endings to get a straight edge are not intuitive. It took over a month of battling with this design’s edges until I stopped trying to use past experience & standard crochet rules. Instead, I went with what actually came out straight by literally measuring it with a tape measure on every row. That’s why the sides don’t follow the usual rules you are used to. Trust the pattern & you’ll be fine. 😀

      • Thank you so much I will do as you suggest. I thought maybe that was what it was meant to do, just wasn’t sure of the terminology. And, you are correct, it is hard to go out of the normal box of crochet. Cheers

      • Let me know if you have any problems. I’m here to help! I’m working on a Halloween poncho so I only check once a day but I will get back to you asap. All the best 😀

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