Lost my skull & got sidetracked

So… I got sort of sucked into a competitive situation with another designer and lost focus on my hummingbird project.  Here’s the proof…

Applique is 6" X 5" & afghan square is 10"

Applique is 6″ X 5″ & afghan square is 10″

GRANNY’S SKULL…  a 10″ afghan square AND applique pattern in one.  Worked in the round, this skully is easy to make for that hard to please guy in your life… or that Wiccan who just likes skulls…  or that Goth daughter of yours who refuses to wear anything but black… or even a gift blanket for that baby boomer weird uncle on your husband’s side who is a Grateful Dead fan…  or maybe your biker neighbor named Tiny who would love to have another skull patch on his jacket…  or even a nice addition to that cool beanie you’re crocheting for that skater grandson who never likes anything.  And if that’s not all…  it can double as Halloween décor, Day of the Dead embellishments, or some other spooky thing like that.

Anyway… sorry I haven’t finished the hummingbird square yet but my competitive spirit got me sidetracked.  I’ll be releasing the hummingbird really soon… promise.  And it’s been greatly improved!

But for now… you can find Granny’s Skull Square on my Ravelry store by clicking the links here or clicking the photos.

Granny's lost her skull & here's the proof. Muahahaha!

Granny’s lost her skull & here’s the proof. Muahahaha!

Purchase the pattern at ChelseaCraft Ravelry store here :

Granny’s Skull Square & Applique Pattern


5 thoughts on “Lost my skull & got sidetracked

  1. I bought this pattern today but I am totally lost on the foundation. Do I go straight into the 3rd stitch with the picot? Is there a video showing that foundation part?

    • I got your email and replied to you. You sl st into the 3rd ch from hook which by definition is how to make a picot stitch. Then continue with the pattern. Email me back if you need anything else. 😀

    • So I bought it also (skull) I understand the foundation BUT I dont understand from that point on. I must be doing something wrong with sending my Question to Chelsea. Could YOU let me know more about the pattern thru round 2. I have crocheted for over 40 years and am stumped. I know it must be me. LOL KInd of scary that I can not figure this out. Many thanks Karla

      • So sorry Kara! I just got notice of this post in my email. Not sure why it took that long seeing you post previously. However, I’ll try to help you ASAP. I have to look at it and get out my piece work so I know where we’re at. Can I contact you via email? I know how you feel and maybe it’s a mistype or something I’m not aware of. 😀 Chelsea

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