Better late than never!

Easter Afghan stitch 7

The Easter Afghan Stitch can be made to any size you want or used for any crochet project, not just afghans. For more info or to purchase this pattern at ChelseaCraft Ravelry store just click the photo.

Well here it is.  My second Easter design project which ran late.  As you can see the bunnies multiplied and so did the eggs and baskets.  That’s not all that multiplied this Easter!  As luck would have it, a stray malnourished pregnant cat took up living in our hedges so I was tasked to get her into the house and try to fatten her up.  She had kittens the Thursday before Easter (see photo below).  That little one I named Bootsie had to be bottle fed because he was too weak.  So between all the new cat & kittens ordeal I managed to finish this Easter Afghan Stitch pattern and publish it.

It has gotten a bit of attention by one of Ravelry’s editors who some of you may recognize, Kim Guzman.  My design made her blog’s “10 Things This Week in Crochet” list.  She gave it some nice compliments! I had a lot of fun making this pattern and wish I had the time to make samples of all the neat things you can do with the 3 separate stitches that make the repeating pattern.  I got kind of carried away and made a 3rd project of an afghan square with 4 bunnies, 4 Easter baskets with beads for eggs, and a decorative border of Easter eggs.  Unfortunately, when the cat made her appearance I quickly laid that aside & stuck to finishing this second project just in time for Easter.  I will keep that project & my idea for a panoramic Easter Egg for next year’s offerings for Easter.

My husband named her Voyant because he calls the other feral cat outside "Claire".  LOL

My husband named her Voyant because he calls the other feral cat outside “Claire”. LOL

For now, I’m moving on to Mother’s Day and still working on the butterfly scenic afghan square to match my hummingbird square.  I’m kind of stuck on that project with too many choices for the butterfly.  I want it unique… not just a copy of someone else’s butterfly.  That’s kind of hard because I feel like everything’s been done in the butterfly range.  So until I get over this creative block with the butterfly… I’m throwing myself full steam into the Mother’s Day afghan I’m making for none other than MYSELF!   Yep, me with no kids is making herself a Momma’s Day gift for myself that will capture all the love I have for my pets.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you!   I promise… you’ve never seen anything like it!  😀

To purchase the Easter Afghan Stitch crochet pattern from my Ravelry store just click the photo of it.



Easter Awesome (even if I do say so myself)

Easter Basket Square TiltFeeling rather springy, I had launched into a project I wanted to do for some time… a panoramic crochet egg.   However, I ran into a stumbling block when the plastic egg I was going to use  was discontinued by the manufacturer.  So….  not to be deterred from my spring enthusiasm, I came up with something else.  I made a short list of all the elements associated with this vernal season.  I wanted to encorporate all these elements:  baskets, eggs, bunnies, duckies, and, of course, baby chicks… plus I wanted a flower & some green grass.  Who doesn’t love the smell of the first mown grass of spring?  Then,  I also wanted to revive a dead old vintage motif that had potential but its original version was pretty sad… and was thread crochet.  After all spring is about rebirth, right?

So here you have it…  an Easter Basket 8″ afghan square.  You create the blocks that have the basket sitting in the grass then add your Easter appliques as you want them so each square is unique.  I think it will make a darling afghan for the spring.  And don’t forget that Mother’s Day isn’t far off either…

While this set is for sale on Ravelry & Etsy…  I will be posting a FREE PATTERN for everyone that is a set of patterns for all these appliques (without the square).  Also be watching because I have another bunny themed pattern coming really soon.  For some reason I’ve gone nuts with the bunnies this year and they seem to be multiplying like rabbits!  (That’s a hint for my new pattern… hehehehe)

Links for this pattern:

ChelseaCraft Designs on Ravelry

ChelseaCraft Crochet store on Etsy

bunny and eggs lop bunny appliques

Hummingbird Garden Party 12″ Crochet Square

NEW Square Finished 3NEW Square Finished 5

Yay!  It’s finally done & published! And don’t worry if you liked the tulip border better, I included that as a freebie in the pattern so you can make either square.  Plus you get the cute spiral flower chart too!  So if you like life size 3 D hummingbirds sipping nectar from a 3 D flower cluster…  here’s your square.  I hope you all like it.  If anyone has any comments or whatever… or find errors… just post me a message here, on Ravelry or Etsy.  Now… I’m taking a deserved 2 days off!  LOL

Lost my skull & got sidetracked

So… I got sort of sucked into a competitive situation with another designer and lost focus on my hummingbird project.  Here’s the proof…

Applique is 6" X 5" & afghan square is 10"

Applique is 6″ X 5″ & afghan square is 10″

GRANNY’S SKULL…  a 10″ afghan square AND applique pattern in one.  Worked in the round, this skully is easy to make for that hard to please guy in your life… or that Wiccan who just likes skulls…  or that Goth daughter of yours who refuses to wear anything but black… or even a gift blanket for that baby boomer weird uncle on your husband’s side who is a Grateful Dead fan…  or maybe your biker neighbor named Tiny who would love to have another skull patch on his jacket…  or even a nice addition to that cool beanie you’re crocheting for that skater grandson who never likes anything.  And if that’s not all…  it can double as Halloween décor, Day of the Dead embellishments, or some other spooky thing like that.

Anyway… sorry I haven’t finished the hummingbird square yet but my competitive spirit got me sidetracked.  I’ll be releasing the hummingbird really soon… promise.  And it’s been greatly improved!

But for now… you can find Granny’s Skull Square on my Ravelry store by clicking the links here or clicking the photos.

Granny's lost her skull & here's the proof. Muahahaha!

Granny’s lost her skull & here’s the proof. Muahahaha!

Purchase the pattern at ChelseaCraft Ravelry store here :

Granny’s Skull Square & Applique Pattern

And now… Something REALLY different…

Can you imagine a bedspread with these?

Can you imagine a bedspread with these?


Nope, this isn't applique sewn on.  This is OVERLAY!

Nope, this isn’t applique sewn on. This is OVERLAY!


The Hummingbirds in Flight is a brand new 12″ square made in crochet overlay technique that creates a 3D effect.  This pattern is in testing and will be made available for sale on my Ravelry and Etsy stores.  I’m hoping this will be just the first of a series of these overlay squares.





Well, as I knew when I got the inspiration for this square, it’s a real hair puller.  Not only have I totally tweaked the whole thing so the pattern has to be virtually re-written, but I’ve got to take a full set of photos as well for the tutorial bits so that intermediate skilled crocheters can tackle this lovely thing.  I’ve become rather perfectionist on this project because I literally got the idea for it in a dream.  So to make it closer to my dream I have now altered it to this:

hummingbird garden party 2  I just don’t like the red throats but finding it hard to come up with an authentic looking ruby throat so people know it’s hummingbirds.  I also didn’t like the weight and heft of this green yarn.  But I finalized my pattern and that’s what’s important.  I’m leaving some details optional so people can personalize the square more.   Anyway, it should be finished within the week if all goes as planned.   I think this is going to be my best design yet.  I just can’t wait to make it into an afghan.

Flower Puff Edging & Afghan Border – FREE Pattern

IMG_1662eThis edging was created for a sentimental old afghan I made about 20 yrs ago from worsted yarn that needed some sprucing up.  This photo shows the edging in Red Heart Super Saver Aran color worsted yarn.  However, this edging can utilize any thread, cord, yarn… whatever.  The pattern and chart are written as a stand-alone edging that you sew onto a main piece you wish to edge.  You can omit the chain stitch foundation if you are edging an afghan.  At the end of this pattern I have included some instructions for working corners as I did for my afghan project.

My edging was made using an G hook for rows 1 to 3.  The last 2 rows I used an F hook.

The chart shown is accurate for the stitches but you need to follow the written pattern for the flowers because the chart can’t explain how to make the puff flowers exactly.

Edging - Flower Puffs


Foundation Row 1 – ch the length you need in multiples of 3.  Alternately, if you are edging a square piece, just make sure you have a single crochet row around your entire piece.

Row 2 – ch 5, dc in 4th ch, [ch2, skip 2 ch, dc in next ch] for length of your piece.

Row 3 and 4 – ch 5, *[2 dc, ch1, 2 dc] in dc, ch2*, repeat between asterisks ** to end of edging and dc in turning chain from previous row.

Row 5 – ch 5, sl st in ch 1 space of fan cluster, *ch3, working from front to back, [YO, insert hook into same ch space of fan cluster, YO, pull up a loop to the height of a dc stitch, YO, insert hook in same space, YO, pull up a loop to the same height, keep loops on hook, YO, insert hook under ch2 space between fan clusters, YO, pull up loop keeping height even with all loops on hook, YO, insert hook in same place, YO, pull up a loop in the same space, hold all loops on hook, YO, insert hook into ch 2 space of the next fan cluster, YO pull up a loop to same height as all other loops, YO, insert in same space, YO pull up loop, YO and pull through all loops on hook] (bottom half flower made), ch 3, sl st in same ch 1 space of the fan cluster below you just worked in*,  repeat between asterisks ** for the length of edging.

Row 6 – ch 6, sl st in sl st in ch 1 space of fan cluster,*ch2, [YO, insert hook from front to back into the center of the petals of your previous flower cluster, YO, draw up a loop to the height of a dc, YO, insert hook again into the flower center, YO, draw up a loop to the same height, YO, pull through all 4 loops on hook tightly] (puff petal stitch made), ch 2, work another puff petal stitch into flower center, twice (3 petals worked completes the flower), ch 2, sl st in the sl st between the flowers*, repeat between asterisks ** for remainder of edging.


Suggestion for Afghan Corners

I used a filet pattern for my afghan corners.  To do this I suggest you start with 1 row of sc around the whole afghan. At each corner, work sc, ch2, sc in the same corner point or stitch. (counts as row 1… or round 1) Work your edging pattern and at the corners use this:

Round 2 – at each corner end edging with ch 2, work 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc in each corner ch2,  then ch 2, and continue edging pattern above.

Round 3 through 6 – at each corner end with ch 2, dc in the dc of the current fan group or the sl st of half flower group, ch 2, dc in the next dc, and [ch 2, dc] over any remaining space to corner group, work [4 dc, ch3, 4 dc] in the corner, then work [ch2, dc] over to the start of your edging pattern, end with a ch2 to pick up your edging pattern again.  (see photo)

Remember that with every successive round the filet mesh increases by one mesh square (ch 2, dc) on each side of the corner.

All Rights Reserved by ChelseaCraft© 2014

You may not reproduce, distribute or sell this pattern in any way.  You may sell anything you make from this pattern.

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Hippie Hemp Hip Belt (say that 3 times fast!)

IMG_1540Just published my newest pattern on Ravelry!  It’s a super cool, low slung belt made out of upcycled soda pop tabs and hemp jeweler’s cord.  Super easy to make.  All you need to know is how to single crochet and chain stitch. Don’t have 84 pop tabs but you still want to make the belt?  Search the internet! (Ebay) Unemployed people sell them all the time for really cheap.  You’ll be helping someone who is actually trying to be resourceful to make ends meet. Hemp is a great material not only because it moves so great but it’s sturdy.  Buying hemp materials also supports the textile hemp industry which is great for the environment & promotes hemp in the USA.  So you’re really doing your part to save a tree in the future.  And who doesn’t have a little hippie in them?  Ok well a few stuffy people, but the rest of us can always use a trendy, fashionable, recycled accessory!

Pattern is $2.50 USD using Paypal (you can use any debit or credit card without having a Paypal account).

pop tab belt